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Jackson King V

The coolest guitar ever made. Made famous by musician Dave Mustaine. This guitar shreds! A must have for collectors. At a very reasonable price.

$649.99 (Click pic for details)

Marshall JVM410H Half Stack

The Real Deal Marshall Full Stack Attack ! This is the latest JVM410H Head with the best Marshall 1960AV Cabinet combo that will blow your head off!

$3549.99 (Click pic for details)

Marshall Mini Fridge!

An awesome way to keep your beverages cool while keeping your room cool too.

$349.99 (Click pic for details)

PDP 8 Piece Shell Pack

A decentDouble Bass Kit at a low price. Start jamming immediately. How cool is that?!

$779.99 (Click pic for details)

Axis George Kollias Pedal

Get these pedals and get your swivel foot technique on like George Kollias of Nile. These have extra tensioner adjustments to dial in your speed.

$429.99 (Click pic for details)

Axis Electronic Conversion Kit

Tired of your sloppy old miss firing triggers? Get the real thing for your Axis pedals and never have to replace a bad trigger again.

$89.99 (Click pic for details)

Multiple Drum Bag

Cut down on time and gig bags and get one bag that holds 3 drums at once!

$126.42 (Click pic for details)

Detailed Mini Guitars

These little guitars are very detailed and really neat. Display these on your wall or shelf or even bring one to rehearsal like it's your new guitar and give the band mates a laugh.

(Click pic for details)

Klipsch Home Sound System

Blast your head off with this Awesome 600 Watt Sound System by Klipsch.

$2,209.30 (Click pic for details)

Complete Yamaha PA System

Everything you will need to begin rehearsals to live performances. Even comes with floor monitors at a decent price. Sweet!

$1249 (Click pic for details)


Got something you wanna say? Say it with this nice loud Megaphone.

$176.99 (Click pic for details)

Custom Name Plate

Want to ad some originality to your gear or maybe even your name?

$15 (Click pic for details)

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