Harry Potter TV Remote Wand

Control your TV with Harry Potter's Magic Wand! You too can practice to become a sorcerer.

$49 (Click pic for details)

Chewbacca Talking Mask

Yup, the mask made famous by the lady on Youtube. This is it. This mask does the Chewy roar!

From $19.19 (Click pic for details)

Star Trek TNG Bluetooth® ComBadge

Make a phone call like Captain Picard of The Star Ship Enterprise and boldly call, play mp3's and beam to planets like no one has done before.

$79.99 (Click pic for details)

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Micro-USB Charging Cable

Charge your phone with a Millennium Falcon and let the force be with you!

$19.99 (Click pic for details)

7mm Spy Snake

This tiny camera connects to your iphone, laptop, tablet or desktop. It's water proof and has a light. Use it to inspect tiny crevices in machinery and other fine parts.

$52.50 (Click pic for details)

Tesla Plasma Speaker

An awesome marvel of engineering in the form of a musical composition of electricity !

$315.00 (Click pic for details)

Bluetooth Black Skull Speaker

Bluetooth speaker in the form of a Skull ! High def sound. 10 hours of play.

$49.99 (Click pic for details)

Water Proof Portable Wireless HD Speaker

Take your tunes to the shower, pool, beach or fishing and not worry about water ruining your jams! 7 LED colors. High-Fidelity Surround Sound with built in AM/FM Tuning as well.

$35.00 (Click pic for details)

iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

Fix all your small tech gadgets like a boss! Kit has everything you need to repair phones, tablets, glasses, small speakers, USB devices etc..

$69.99 (Click pic for details)

Backlit Keyboard with Changing Colors

Awesome LED Color changing keyboard for Ultimate gaming or just surfin' the web like a cool Tech Guru.

From$16.99 (Click pic for details)

Craft Beer Brewing Appliance

Brew your own beer with a Micro Brewing Appliance. Craft your own taste.

$719.10 (Click pic for details)

Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand

Charge your iphone fast with no cords or plugs that can break.

$53.99 (Click pic for details)

Modern Entertainment Center

Comes high gloss fronts with glass cabinets and LED lights. Very nice upgrade to your living space.

$1080.00 (Click pic for details)

Klipsch Home Sound System

Blast your head off with this Awesome 600 Watt Sound System by Klipsch.

$2,209.30 (Click pic for details)

Samsung Virtual Reality Headset

Immerse yourself into a different worldly dimension with the Samsung Virtual Reality Headset!

$44.99 (Click pic for details)

Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screen

Professional grade inflatable outdoor TV. Make your next big event a great one with this very large scale portable TV screen.

$4,595.00 (Click pic for details)

Complete Security System Package

The complete security system package! you can cover an entire warehouse with this system and monitor it on your phone 24/7.

$3,100.66 (Click pic for details)

WIFI Infared Monitor

Ideal monitor for babies, kids, animals or security. Modestly priced.

From $28.40 (Click pic for details)

Dimmable LED Lights with Built in Speakers

Dimmable Recessed LED Lighting with Built In Speakers you can control the lights and sound with your smart phone!

$199.99 (Click pic for details)

LED Stick on Night Light

Put a light anywhere you need it without hiring an electrical contractor. Motion activated LED.

From $9.99 (Click pic for details)

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