7 Color Tachometer

Customize your tach color to your taste or match the colors in your dash.

$42.99 (Click pic for details)

Chrome Triple Gauge Kit

Keep an eye on temp, oil and RPM's with one glance.

$42.95 (Click pic for details)

Adjustable Rear Wing Kit

Keep your car's rear end from lifting with an adjustable rear wing kit.

$294.95 (Click pic for details)

Wheelie Bar

Keep your drag car from flipping out during blast off.

$431.96 (Click pic for details)

Hurst LineLoc

Loc & Fire em up! You can't go wrong with a Hurst LineLoc system.

$117.57 (Click pic for details)

8 Ball Shifter Knob

Shift like a pool shark. Ad the cool touch. 

$19.89 (Click pic for details)

Steel Braid Hose Kit

Protect your hoses and make your engine bay look great at the same time.

$54.54 (Click pic for details)

20 Gallon Fuel Cell

Lightweight Polished Aluminum. Ad 20 gallons without the extra weight and fuel loss by sloshing.

$156.88 (Click pic for details)

Chevy Small Block Complete Pulley, Bracket & Pump Set

Feed the feed for speed and replace all your OEM pumps & pulleys with these nicly finished puppies. Kit includes polished pulleys, polished brackets, chrome alternator, polished water pump, and chrome power steering pump. At a moderate affordable price!

$700 (Click pic for details)

Mr. Gasket Hood Scoop

Snort air like a Beast! Stick this upout of your hood and get maximum air into your carb.

From $297.95 (Click pic for details)


Racing Bucket Seats w/ Red Stitch

Premium racing bucket seats that recline. These seats hug you just right as you rip and tear up the road. Black PVC Leather with Red Stitch.

From $211.38 (Click pic for details)

Crager SS Wheels

Give your ride that Bad Ass Classic Nostalgic look with the Old School famous Crager SS Wheels.

From $345.60 (Click pic for details)

Harwood Fiberglass Body Parts

Need Fiberglass parts? Harwood is a great manufacturer of fiberglass parts. They have just about anything you may need for many cars and trucks.

(Click pic for details)

Pro Stock Hood Scoop

Raise the air intake and cool your engine at the same time with a Pro Stock Hood Scoop like a Pro.

From $207.46 (Click pic for details)

3" Thrush Muffler

3" In / 3" Out Thrush Muffler. Rumble like a champ.

From $31.66 (Click pic for details)

Edelbrock 4491 Signature Series Valve Covers

Like that nice clean mean chrome valve cover look? These are for you then! You definitely Can't go wrong with Edelbrock!

From $56.42 (Click pic for details)

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